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Bring the Zoo to You

We created #BringTheZooToYou to engage, educate, and inspire while we were temporarily closed earlier this year. We’re continuing to innovate and find ways to bring content directly to you, even now!

New Virtual Programs

Virtual Animal Adventures Outreach

We are not able to do programs off-grounds at this time, but we are thrilled to offer Virtual Animal Adventures!

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Playful Zoology

A flexible home-based learning curriculum that lets you and your child enjoy the journey together.

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Dallas Zoo Close-ups

Enrich your classroom curricula with live, virtual programs on animal adaptations, habitats, and food webs. Dallas Zoo’s learning programs are aligned with Science TEKS and taught by a Zoo educator. Programs are 45 minutes long and scheduled by request.

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Stay home as we bring the Zoo to you!

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Social Media Bundle · Save these graphics on your mobile phone & share on social media!

Pollinator Plant Guide · Download & print to get kids involved in planning a pollinator-friendly garden.

Activity Bundle · Download and print these fun activity pages featuring animals from the Dallas Zoo and Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park.

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Support the Zoo

We have finally reopened, but there is a long road ahead for the Dallas Zoo to fully recover from our closure. Your philanthropic support is needed now more than ever. Please consider giving a gift to help with the care and feeding of our animals and other critical operations. Thank you for your support. 

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