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Field Trip Planner


Field trips are a great way to spark a child’s interest in animals, nature, the environment, science, and more!

➜ get started

Follow these instructions to book your field trip:

Determine if you're eligible:

  • Public or private schools
  • Preschools
  • State licensed day cares
  • Home school groups
  • Scouts
  • Church groups
  • Shelters
  • City of Dallas recreation centers
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Organized college classes (where a teacher is bringing the students for a class project)

If eligible, determine your group's size and cost:

  • Students: $6
  • Teachers: $6
    • Teachers must be included on the order count. We do not have free chaperone tickets.
  • Additional Adults: $6
    • Parent chaperones must purchase their tickets when they arrive at the Zoo. They will NOT be added to field trip reservations.
  • Free for school buses
  • $12 per additional vehicles

Review the payment options accepted:

  • Groups must preregister at least two weeks in advance of their scheduled date to qualify for the discounted rate.
  • A credit card is required to complete your reservation online.
  • You are able to defer your payment by using the “Alternate Payment Plans” button.
  • Email to book without a credit card.

Before you book, review our FAQs to plan your day:

  • Browse below find out what to expect and get your questions answered.
  • Complete your registration online.
  • Once your reservation is complete you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • See you soon at the Dallas Zoo!

Need help?

The Education Office is open Monday-Friday during regular Zoo hours. Contact us at or 469.554.7300.

➜ Map out your visit

Prepare for your visit with these add ons and downloads:

Extra experiences

Enhance your student’s wild learning adventure during your field trip with our special TEKS-aligned add-on programming.

Make your visit successful

➜ Frequently Asked Questions

After you receive your confirmation email for your purchase, please email and we will send you an invoice for your District.

The Dallas Zoo is located at 650 South R.L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75203.

The Dallas Zoo is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during spring and summer (October-February) and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during fall and winter (March-September). The Zoo is closed on Christmas Day. 

We do not have any scholarships available at this time.

Yes. There are a variety of walk-up activities for students throughout the park. Some, including feeding opportunities and rides, require an additional fee. Others, like Keeper Chats and demonstrations, are free. There will be a schedule board when you enter the Zoo the day of your trip. We do not take reservations for any of these activities.

Wild Walks are TEKS aligned guided tours that are available for an additional fee. See more information here.

You must bring a minimum of one adult per ten students. We recommend additional chaperones especially for younger students. Additional chaperones will allow any field trip to move through the Zoo in smaller groups. This will enhance your experience and allow your students to view animals more easily.

Chaperones are required to stay with students at all times.

In order to reserve your field trip online, you will need an account with the Dallas Zoo. You can sign up for an account during the reservation process.

You will need a credit card to reserve online. You can use any credit card to reserve your field trip. You will have the option to use an “Alternative Payment Plan” to defer your payment until after the end of the school year, but you will still need a credit card to finish your reservation. Your credit card will not be charged if you select the “Alternative Payment Plan” option.

You will need a credit card to reserve online. You can use any credit card to reserve your field trip. You will have the option to use an “Alternative Payment Plan” to defer your payment until after the end of the school year, but you will still need a credit card to finish your reservation. Your credit card will not be charged if you select the “Alternative Payment Plan” option.

If you are not able/willing to use a credit card to book online, please call the Education Department at 469.554.7300 or email us at to reserve your field trip without a credit card.

Provide this information to reserve your trip without a credit card:

  • Name of School
  • Date you would like to attend
  • Grade level of students
  • Number of students
  • Number of staff/teachers (school staff MUST have a ticket)
  • Email address if you would like the invoice sent to another person
  • Payment is due upon arrival. We do not require deposits or prepayments.

  • Credit cards, cash, or institutional checks (payable to “Dallas Zoo”) are accepted at the ticket booth.

  • You are also able to have your district mail a check or you can call the Education Department at 469.554.7300 with a credit card beforehand. We recommend that you call the day before if you are using a credit card as we can adjust your attendance numbers one final time. We do not accept Purchase Orders.

  • If you are receiving Learning Partners funding, your voucher, approval code, and amount approved must be included when you make your reservation.

  • Towards the end of making your reservation, the website will prompt you to provide all Learning Partners information.

  • Your Learning Partners voucher is NOT a field trip reservation. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • If Learning Partners is not covering the entirety of your reservation cost, be prepared to pay your remaining balance on the day of your visit.

Regular field trip prices apply to student entry, however any aides required for special needs students are free. You will need to contact the Education Department to reserve these field trips in order to access the free tickets for aides.

If you are in need of a private space, please locate Guest Services marked on your map, where we have a private room available. If you need to rent a wheelchair or electric scooter, they are available for rental from our gift shop.

We are not able to provide quotes for field trips. Since we do not require a deposit or any payment before your field trip, we recommend that you book your field trip and from there we can provide you with an invoice that you can use to give your administration for approval of your field trip, reserve your transportation for your field trip, etc.

Field trips are available all year except for during specific Zoo-wide events. When you book online, the website will indicate which days are sold out on the calendar page.

Contact the Education Department at You are able to adjust your number of guests up until your arrival, but any changes to program numbers must be made at least 1 (one) week in advance.

We strongly encourage that you wait until at least a month before your field trip to finalize your numbers. Additions and subtractions to the number of students can be made at any time.

You may change your field trip once at no charge. Additional field trip reschedule requests are subject to a $25 fee.

Refunds will not be issued for any amount under $25, for program cancellations made within one (1) week of the scheduled date, or for no-show groups. In the event you bring a check on the day of your visit, then your check will be processed and you will be issued a refund check if the difference is over $25. This refund will be mailed to your school. The refund is processed by the Education Department. Refunds are processed quarterly and can take 4 to 6 weeks to process once the check request has been submitted.

The lead teacher will need the confirmation letter provided in their email, payment (if not pre-paid), and an exact count of students, and teachers/staff. Failing to present a confirmation letter may result in a delay entering the facility.

Chaperones coming in their own vehicles will park in the main parking lot and are required to pay the $12 parking fee for their vehicle. Ask them to meet you inside the Zoo in order to facilitate a quick entry into the Zoo for everyone.

We ask that all parent chaperones purchase their own tickets when they arrive. They will receive the discounted field trip price, but they must tell the ticket booth staff which school field trip they are with.

We recommend that you designate a lead chaperone that other parents and chaperones can contact to meet up with your group if they are late.

Yes, groups can bring their lunches to the Zoo and eat in any of our outdoor picnic areas. We do not have lunch storage on grounds. Plan to carry your lunches with you. We advise groups to hand out lunches at the bus or bring wheeled coolers/carts to transport them. If you leave the Zoo to get lunches on the bus, you will need to show your receipt/admission ticket to re-enter the Zoo.

Yes, groups visiting the Dallas Zoo can pre-purchase meals through our catering department. Please call 469.554.7477 for more information. Food and drinks can also be purchased at the Prime Meridian Café in ZooNorth or the Serengeti Grill in the Gregg Hudson Giants of the Savanna.

The Dallas Zoo reserves the right to change these policies without notice.