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Saving Sea Turtles

Highlights: Seeing sea turtles up close  Spending time with people who are passionate about saving animals  A sense of pride knowing I helped an organization that is working hard to protect and save sea turtles  Getting insider knowledge on what it takes to care for injured sea turtles  2024 Itinerary Email for more information. Cancellation Policy  […]

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Backstage Safari

Experience the Zoo like never before! Our zoologists will take you on a 90-minute guided tour and give you the inside scoop on how they care for our animals every single day.

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Homeschool Day

Join us for an exciting adventure as we trek across Texas biomes during Homeschool Day. Explore how our very own backyard mirrors four out of the five biomes found across the globe. From arid deserts to lush forests, uncover the fascinating ecosystems right here in Texas.

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Donate to the Zoo

Donate to the Zoo and help provide vital resources needed to support daily operating needs and impactful conservation programs.

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99th AZA Board Chair Blog – Lisa New

As the current Board Chair for AZA, it is important for me to have a space where we can all come together to collaborate. My intention is to provide this space to keep you updated on priorities and allow you to share feedback throughout my year as Board Chair. I am incredibly honored to be in this position and look forward to working alongside all of you.

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About Us


This serves as our North Star – our guiding force and the source of our continual motivation to achieve our vision of Creating a Better World for Animals. By providing our guests with real-world opportunities to make memorable connections with wildlife and supplementing their experience with conservation messaging, the Dallas Zoo aims to inspire and empower visitors to take action on behalf of wildlife in Texas and around the world.

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Fall 2023

Welcome to the fall issue of your Dallas Zoo member magazine! Hear about the amazing work being done at our Amphibian Rescue Center and our greenhouse, find out dates for upcoming events, see how to save on holiday shopping with your member coupon, and more!

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