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Zoo News

Aug 16, 2011

Animals sporting feathers, fur, and scales were all represented among the winners of the Dallas Zoo’s annual photography contest. Kerry Kirpach won the grand prize with a close-up shot of an elephant’s tusk, which will be permanently exhibited on Zoo grounds. She received a Canon Powershot G12 digital camera from Canon USA. Kirpach and other winners were recognized at an awards ceremony on July 31 at the Zoo. Gift certificates from camera stores were provided, as well as tickets to the prestigious Nikon School, photographic paper from Red River Paper, and camera magazine subscriptions from Werner Publishing. Sponsors of the Feathers, Fur, & Scales Photo Contest include Arlington Camera, Camera Stop, Canon USA, Cooter’s Village Camera, Competitive Camera, Coupralux, Fort Worth Camera, Garland Camera, Nikon, Red River Paper, Texas Photo Forum, and Werner Publishing.

The Feathers, Fur & Scales photo contest was open to everyone from children to experienced professionals. Categories included: children (12 and under); junior (ages 13 to 18 years); novice (beginners to non-professionals); and advanced (considerable experience to professionals). The photo contest began March 1, 2011 and ended June 30, 2011.

Photography enthusiasts, who would like to take advantage of special opportunities to take pictures of animals at the Dallas Zoo, are encouraged to participate in the Dallas Zoo’s Photo Day (Sept. 24) and Photo Safari (Oct. 15). For details and prices, visit DallasZoo.com.

Photo Contest Winners 2011

Category Name Image
Grand Prize Kerry Kirpach elephant tusk
1st Place-Advanced Larry Petterborg elephant eye
2nd Place-Advanced Ron Henderson caiman lizards
3rd Place-Advanced Wes Kirpach koi fish
Hon.Men. – Advanced Dennis Fritsche elephant ear
1st Place-Novice David Namaksy western lowland gorilla
2nd Place-Novice Kathy Petty mandrill
3rd Place-Novice Brandi Reich harpy eagle
Hon. Men. – Novice Nikki U. Benjamin giraffe face
1st Place-Junior Emily Bach Sahara horned viper
2nd Place-Junior Mitchell Green gold-breasted starling
3rd Place-Junior Bailey Jones Sri Lankan pit viper
Hon. Men. – Junior Abby Junk western lowland gorilla
1st Place-Children Emily Henderson Oustalet’s chameleon
2nd Place-Children Corinne Moody koi fish
3rd Place-Children Brady Allen lion
Hon.Men. – Children Jax Dwyer crocodile monitor