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Zoo News

Zoo News

Dallas Zoo invites community to celebrate forests during Forest Wildlife Weekend
Sep 11, 2015

Guests to help plant trees, pledge to support declining forest species

WHAT: The Dallas Zoo is honoring forests around the world, from Texas back yards to the immense rain forests of Africa and Asia this weekend during its zoo-wide Forest Wildlife Weekend event. Guests will help plant trees in the park and participate in a dozen activity stations throughout the zoo Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Guests will be encouraged to make pledges supporting declining forest inhabitants including gibbons, okapi, gorillas, the Virginia opossum, and the black-breasted leaf turtle. Community partners including the Trinity Trust and the Texas Tree Foundation will also be on hand discussing ways Texans can support local forests.

WHEN: Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 12-13, 2015

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: 650 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75203

WHY: Forests only cover about 30% of the world’s surface, yet they’re home to about half of all terrestrial biodiversity. They play a critical role in regulating the earth’s climate; by removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, forests form the world’s largest terrestrial store of atmospheric carbon. The destruction and degradation of the world’s forests accounts for a higher share of global CO2 emissions than the entire transportation sector.

When it comes to saving animals from extinction, no strategy is complete without a focus on forests. We invite families to discover more about how they can help protect these fragile environments, and the wildlife living in them.