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Lions and African painted dogs are off-habitat for the time being due to maintenance happening in those areas.

Wonders of the Wild

Wonders of the Wild

Wildlife Show is closed for the winter season – we’ll see you again in 2023!


ZooNorth Amphitheater


FREE with your general admission!

Grab a seat in the amphitheater, and get ready to discover the Wonders of the Wild! Our zoologists will introduce you to amazing animals from around the world, like precocious penguins, high-flying birds of prey, and more. Plus learn how you can help create a better world for these animals right here at home.


Top of the Amphitheater

The team will be doing pop-up encounters with individual animals at the top of the Amphitheater stairs.

Wildlife Show

Closed for the winter season!

The Wildlife Show is approximately 20 minutes long.

+ The appearance of specific animals cannot be guaranteed and is subject to change based on weather conditions and animal behavior.

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