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With our busy spring season upon us, follow these expert tips to find parking, beat the crowds, and make the most of your Zoo visit.

Be a Great Zoo Guest

Be a Great Zoo Guest

We’re glad you’re visiting! Here’s how you can do your part to be a great zoo guest:

  1. Don’t scream, yell, tease or taunt the animals. This is their home, so please treat them with the respect they deserve. You’ll also see more of their natural behavior by watching them quietly.
  2. Don’t tap on glass windows. Can you imagine how annoying it would be for the animals if every visitor tapped on the glass?
  3. Don’t climb on railings, fences, gates and picnic tables. Fences, railings and gates can be dangerous, and we don’t want your visit cut short by an injury. And picnic tables … people eat there, after all. Please save the climbing for the rocks and spider web in the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo or the bronze statues.
  4. Don’t feed the animals. Our animals are on special diets to make sure they stay healthy, so don’t share your food with them.
  5. Don’t toss anything into the habitats. Cups, toys, hats, sunglasses … anything thrown into a habitat could seriously hurt our animals. They may eat it, thinking that it’s food. Or they may hurt each other with something they find.
  6. Follow the public paths. Some of our plants are native to animals’ homelands; others provide pollen or food for our animals. So please stay on the paths, so those plants aren’t stomped on and the dust doesn’t fly.
  7. Pick up after yourself. Our shady picnic areas are a great place to have lunch, whether you brought it or bought it from Serengeti Grill. But after you finish, please toss your trash and put your recyclables in the specially marked cans. This will keep the picnic areas nice for the next hungry family.

Thanks for being a great Zoo guest! If you see something that needs attention, please notify Zoo staff or call 469.554.7501 for assistance.