Monthly Archives: April 2018
LEGGY BABY! Meet our newest giraffe calf

We’re welcoming a long-legged baby born on April 25 to second-time mom Chrystal. This 5-foot-9, 130-pound giraffe calf arrived after a long two-and-a-half hour labor (giraffes usually labor and deliver within 1-2 hours!).

Saving African penguins with a new home

“Penguins have been decimated by what people have done to them,” said Kevin Graham, bird supervisor at the Dallas Zoo. “We’ve done everything we can to wipe African penguins off the planet. We’ve stolen their eggs by the hundreds of thousands, we’ve polluted their environment, we’ve taken all their fish, we’ve taken …

Dallas Zoo debuts schedule, announces Reliant as new sponsor for annual Safari Nights concert series

        Contact: Lydia Jennings Communications Manager 469.554.7427 office / 772.834.7169 Cell   Live bands, entertainment, and special animal encounters highlight the schedule each Saturday night at Safari Nights Presented by Reliant   DALLAS (April 16, 2018) …