Conservation Partners :: Tarangire Elephant Project (TEP)

Tarangire Elephant Project (TEP)


The Dallas Zoo has teamed up with Dr. Charles Foley, who started the Tarangire Elephant Project (TEP) in Tanzania in 1993 as a doctoral thesis study at Princeton University.  A significant portion of the TEP focuses on elephant family groups and migration routes.

These migration corridors were factored in during the design of the Giants of the Savanna, thus providing multiple pathways for the animals to travel within the flexible habitat.  With such a design, the pachyderms could walk up and down hills and reach into niches for surprise treats in order to exercise their bodies and trunks and better utilize the acreage given to them.  In his return visit to the Dallas Zoo in 2011following the opening of Giants of the Savanna, Dr. Foley noted that the elephant behaviors witnessed at the exhibit are like those he sees in the wild.


For more information, visit the Tarangire Elephant Project website.