Given the possibility of winter weather, the Zoo will be on a 2-hour delay and plans to open at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 16. We will continually reassess the situation on Monday evening and Tuesday morning and may change our hours further or even close the Zoo if conditions warrant. Check here or the Zoo's social media for the latest update.
Entry Plaza & ZooNorth :: Wonders of the Wild presented by Kimberly-Clark

Wonders of the Wild presented by Kimberly-Clark


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Our 20-minute wildlife show – Wonders of the Wild presented by Kimberly-Clark – is temporarily closed while our Dallas Zoo Lights holiday light show is featured in our amphitheater. Our wild show will return to the schedule in early January!



Grab a seat in our shaded Wonders of the Wild Amphitheater, then watch in awe as African crowned cranes, hawks, owls, crows and eagles soar right over your heads. See a trumpeter hornbill nab a grape out of midair. And while those birds are incredible flying through the air, don’t miss the water acrobatics of our penguins. Spacer30px Wonders of the Wild Crow
Wonders of the Wild Beaver Spacer30px

But it’s more than just our feathered friends. You’ll marvel as a tamandua anteater wanders the stage, and giggle as our beaver and capybara (a unique rodent of unusual size!) dive in for a swim.

There are multiple shows each week, weather permitting (check the daily schedule), and it’s included with your admission.

So come join us at the Amphitheater as we explore wild places, wild spaces and the wonders of the wild! Spacer30px Wonders of the Wild Fun