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Hippos, hippos, hooray! Dallas Zoo opens new $14 million exhibit

The new habitat, home to Adhama and Boipelo, includes a 24-foot by 8-foot viewing window that brings guests eye-to-nostril with the Nile hippos as they explore their 120,000-gallon waterhole.

Hippos, hippos, hooray! Dallas Zoo opens new $14 million exhibit

Simmons Hippo Outpost, home to ‘river horses’ Adhama and Boipelo, is the first major expansion at Texas’s oldest zoo since 2010 The Dallas Zoo will open its new $14 million, 2.1-acre Simmons Hippo Outpost, an immersive African waterhole habitat that includes …

Nile hippopotamus

Gorilla wounds common as males grow into silverbacks

A 450-pound gorilla with teeth 2-3 inches long can leave a nasty wound! But our keepers and veterinary staff keep a close eye out, and know immediately if one occurs.

Special arrival: Meet Dallas Zoo’s first-ever tamandua baby

She might be small in size, but there’s nothing little about the spirited personality of our first-ever newborn tamandua. Meet baby Cora, a lesser anteater known as a tamandua, who was born Feb. 25 to mom Chispa and dad MJ.

Green Tip #6: Rainwater Collection

The Dallas Zoo Green Team is back just in time to help you go green for spring! This month, we are taking you on a learning adventure about rainwater collection.

2017 Feather, Fur and Scales Contest