Monthly Archives: August 2016
Dallas Zoo attracts more than 1 million visitors again

The milestone was hit a full month earlier than last year, the first time we reached the exclusive mark. This milestone now puts us on pace for the seventh consecutive year of record attendance.

Dallas Zoo attracts more than 1 million visitors again

For the second straight year, the Dallas Zoo has welcomed one million visitors. The milestone was hit a full month earlier than last year, the first time the revitalized zoo reached the exclusive mark. “We appreciate our community’s support so …

Green tip #3: Upcycling makes old products new again

Repurposing or “upcycling” old items into new ones is a great way to save money, showcase your creativity and an even better way to be environmentally sustainable!

Quick-thinking mechanic saves koi pond

If fish could talk, the 40 koi that call the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo home would be singing the praises of water features mechanic Ruben Pacheco. His quick thinking kept them alive after a recent water filter break.

Rare Egyptian vulture proves he’s special for many reasons

Meet Einstein – he’s a 28-year-old Egyptian vulture. And although he’s one of only 5 Egyptian vultures in U.S. AZA-accredited zoos, it’s his suave personality that makes him shine. He’s also one of the few bird species that are tool users.

Operation saving horned lizards: A successful tagging season in West Texas

Every year, we travel to a 4,700-acre preserve in West Texas in search of Texas horned lizards. Our reptile team is studying the life history of this icon, collecting data to shed light on what horned lizards need to make a comeback.

Conservation concerns brought to life with interactive art displays from 9th graders

The students from the Cedar Hill charter school were challenged this past spring to think deeply about endangered animals for a semester-long project integrating many different school subjects with an end goal of a prototype interactive sculpture.

Zoo vocabulary lesson: Stationing (or ‘how to ask an otter to sit still’)

Our 5 otters, and their patient zookeepers are proudly showing off their mastered “stationing” behavior. Keeper Audra Cooke explains why this trained behavior is so important.

Sea turtle mission: Saving the most endangered in South Texas

Fifty selfless volunteers traveled with us this summer to support Sea Turtle, Inc on South Padre Island, home to the most endangered sea turtle species, the Kemp’s ridley. We worked tirelessly to restore crucial beach habitat for these troubled turtles. And the reward was extraordinary.