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Heavy rain POSTPONES Safari Nights kickoff

The kickoff of the Dallas Zoo’s third annual Safari Nights summer concert series, scheduled for TOMORROW NIGHT, May 30, has been postponed.

Baby Samar cobras have keepers gushing

They may not be cute and cuddly to you, but to their keepers, these baby Samar cobras are as sweet as it gets.

Uniting to Save Animals From Extinction (SAFE)

Three days, six endangered species stations, 30 volunteers and 4,074 people who pledged to help save endangered animals — it was an extraordinary weekend for wildlife.

Dallas Zoo’s African penguins “vanish” for one day

Endangered Species Day/weekend to highlight the growing extinction crisis WHAT: On the 10th anniversary of Endangered Species Day, Friday (May 15), the Dallas Zoo will give visitors a glimpse into what it would be like if African penguins were extinct. The …

Zoo mourns loss of Mama, elderly matriarch of ‘Golden Girls’ elephant herd

The Dallas Zoo is saddened to announce the death yesterday of African elephant “Mama” due to age-related health conditions. At 45, Mama was the oldest of the Dallas Zoo’s five-member geriatric female herd. She had been undergoing dedicated geriatric health …

Zoo mourns loss of Mama, elderly elephant matriarch

We are heartbroken to share that our elephant matriarch, “Mama,” has died due to age-related health conditions. At 45, Mama was the oldest of our “Golden Girls,” and one of the 10 oldest elephants in the U.S.

Dallas Zoo’s bonded lion brothers move to Franklin Park Zoo

Our beloved lion brothers have a new home! Six-year-old Dinari and Kamaia recently moved to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Mass. Although it was a very difficult farewell for our staff, it’s also an exciting new chapter for these close brothers.

Meet our blue-eyed (for now), rare ocelot kitten

This Mother’s Day, we honor 6-year-old Milagre, who recently gave birth to her second kitten. Born in the middle of the night March 20, the baby is thriving under the constant nurturing love of her mother.

Dallas Zoo’s FIRST EVER baby penguin melts hearts

We’ve kept this chick’s arrival quiet for 20 days — and now we’re ready to scream it from the mountaintops. This little one is the FIRST EVER penguin chick to hatch at the Dallas Zoo, making it the tenth member of the flock.

Instagramers capture Zoo like never before

Stuffed with donuts and armed with smart phones and professional cameras, more than 50 Instagram photography enthusiasts charged our gates, ready to capture the Zoo like we’ve never seen before.

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