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Zoo News

Zoo News

Nov 1, 2010

Animals sporting feathers, fur, and scales were all represented among the winners of the Dallas Zoo’s annual photography contest. Juan Navarro won the grand prize with a close-up shot of an elephant’s eye, which will be permanently exhibited on Zoo grounds. He received a Canon Powershot G11 digital camera from Canon USA and a 24” x 36” iris print from Coupralux. Navarro and other winners were recognized at an awards ceremony on Oct. 24 at the Zoo. Gift certificates from camera stores in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Garland also were provided as well as tickets from Nikon to the prestigious Nikon School, which is held every year around the country. Red River Paper generously donated several boxes of their newest metallic surface paper, and Werner Publishing contributed subscriptions to several of their camera magazines.

The Feathers, Fur & Scales photo contest was open to everyone from children to experienced professionals. Categories included: children (12 and under); junior (ages 13 to 18 years); novice (beginners to non-professionals); and advanced (considerable experience to professionals).

Sponsors of the Feathers, Fur, & Scales Photo Contest include Arlington Camera, Camera Stop, Competitive Camera, Coupralux, Fort Worth Camera, Garland Camera, Canon USA, Nikon, Red River Paper, and Werner Publishing.

The 2010 Feathers, Fur & Scales photo contest began April 1, 2010 and ended Sept. 30, 2010.

Award Winner Image
Grand Prize Juan Navarro elephant eye
Advanced 1st Place Wes Kirpach African grey parrot
Advanced 2nd Place Jamie Prewitt Western lowland gorilla
Advanced 3rd Place Dale Lindenberg African elephant
Advanced Hon. Mention Gretchen Jernigan scarlet macaw
Novice 1st Place Carol Gilden barn owls
Novice 2nd Place Jessica Navarro Galapagos tortoises
Novice 3rd Place Mary Sellner Thomas Western lowland gorilla
Novice Hon. Mention Kerry Kirpach African elephant
Junior 1st Place Samara Holbrook guira cuckoo
Junior 2nd Place Forest Massey barn owl
Junior 3rd Place Katherine Kykta reticulated giraffe
Junior Hon. Mention Aston Hill reticulated giraffe
Children 1st Place Emily Kane African elephant
Children 2nd Place Samantha Stowell greater egret
Children 3rd Place Emily Henderson Solomon Island leaf frog
Children Hon. Mention Brady Allen Western lowland gorilla