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Zoo News

Dallas Zoo renames its eagle species
Dec 24, 2013

“Starbirds” a better choice through this weekend, officials say

With the Dallas Cowboys poised to win the NFC East title by beating the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, the Dallas Zoo has taken the extraordinary step of renaming several species of its birds.

The Dallas Zoo formerly housed bald eagles, harpy eagles and fish eagles. Now it’s home to bald Starbirds, harpy Starbirds and fish Starbirds.

“We love our majestic birds, but we simply see no reason to refer to them as ‘eagles’ this weekend,” said Gregg Hudson, president and CEO of the Dallas Zoo. “Until Sunday night when Dallas wins the title, we’re just going to call them ‘Starbirds.’ That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? We know our friends at the Philadelphia Zoo will understand.”

This is the third straight year the Cowboys have met a division foe in the final regular-season game with the NFC East title on the line. The showdown begins at 7:30 p.m. Sunday night on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Hudson added, “We hope that with Tony Romo hurting a bit, this may give the Cowboys that extra little push they need.”


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