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Zoo News

Zoo News

Dallas Zoo named one of nation’s 20 Best Zoos by USA Today
May 5, 2014

Now seeks public’s help in vote to beat Houston Zoo,
the only other Texas zoo on list

For the first time, the Dallas Zoo has been named one of the 20 best U.S. zoos by USA Today, the nation’s largest newspaper. But now there’s a public vote to rank those 20, and the Dallas Zoo needs help from its community — because the only other Texas zoo on the list is the Houston Zoo! It’s just the latest salvo in the storied “who’s best, Dallas or Houston” rivalry.

“Being selected means that the nation now sees what Dallas has known for several years: that we’ve undergone an incredible renaissance,” said Gregg Hudson, chief executive officer of the Dallas Zoo. “Our community and the City of Dallas are supporting us, telling friends and family about our incredible education and conservation efforts, and visiting in record numbers. All of that makes us proud of the work we’ve done here and we are happy to be included with the other great zoos on this list.”

To create the Top 20 list, USA Today editors pored over data provided by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The criteria used included annual attendance, total acreage, admission fees, contributions to conservation efforts, number of supporting members and recent awards won. USA Today editors say the AZA offered no opinions as to which zoos should be included, but their data was invaluable in making the selections.

The web address to vote is The contest ends May 19, and votes can be cast every day on any device using a different IP address, such as a smartphone, tablet and computer.

The Dallas Zoo is the largest zoo in Texas, sitting on 106 acres. The zoo has made major progress in recent years, with new exhibits such as the Giants of the Savannah, a one-of-a-kind habitat that made headlines last year for being the first in the country to successfully integrate elephants alongside giraffes, zebras, ostriches and impalas. The zoo has experienced surging attendance for the past four years, and is on pace for another record breaking year in 2014.


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