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Support The Zoo :: Annual Fund Drive

Annual Fund Drive

Your support of the Dallas Zoo’s annual fund is crucial to our lasting success. Annual fund donations provide vital, flexible dollars that not only help us build upon previous accomplishments, but also allow us to respond to the immediate needs of our animal family, such as the arrival of little Adanna, born to Biopelo in May at the Simmons Hippo Outpost. Adanna, whose name means “father’s daughter” in the Nigerian Igbo language, is an ambassador for wild hippos, helping the Zoo tell the important conservation story of African wildlife.

Please consider making a generous contribution to our annual fund so we can move forward in our quest to Create a Better World for Animals.

Thank you from all of us at the Dallas Zoo. Your commitment will go far in helping us achieve our mission of Engaging People & Saving Wildlife. Together, we can make an impact on both the animals in our care and their brethren in the wild.

A special reminder: You may also send gifts of stock, mutual funds or other securities. These types of gifts not only help further the Dallas Zoo’s mission, they also provide contributors with significant tax benefits.




The Dallas Zoological Society is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. As there are no benefits associated with gifts to the annual fund, donations may be considered tax-deductible contributions to the Dallas Zoological Society to the fullest extent of the law. (Federal ID #75-0964982)