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Fall Weekend Camps Overview

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Students grades K - 6


Select weekend days in October and November


8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Each weekend day camp will focus on a different topic, including how animals adjust to life at night and how you can be a wildlife hero. All camps include guided tours of the Zoo, animal encounters, and animal-themed activities in a small group led by a Zoo educator. Space is limited, so reserve a spot today!

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Camp Descriptions:

Oct. 16 – Wildlife Heroes

Get up close and personal with some of the world’s most interesting creatures!  Participate in fun projects that make you a hero for wildlife.

Oct. 17 – Animal Superpowers

Just like comic-book superheroes, animals have really cool abilities! Investigate how adaptations such as super strength and crazy camouflage help animals survive in the wild.

Oct. 23 – Creatures of the Night

Join us as we discover how animals navigate the night! Explore the way heightened senses can help animals thrive in dark places.

Oct. 24 – Radical Reptiles

Do you ever wonder if you could slither like a snake, shed your skin like a lizard, or chomp like a crocodile? Join us on an exploration of our cold-blooded friends and what makes them radical.

Nov. 13 – African Safari

Join us on a safari through Africa to learn about the great circle of life and investigate animal communities up close and in action.

Nov. 14 – Dr. Zoolittle

Ever wonder how we take care of animals here at the Dallas Zoo? Find out what it takes to give care to animals big and small.

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