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Saving Wildlife Weekends


Cleaning up litter around local parks


Ages 6+



Love animals and want to help save them in the wild? Join the Dallas Zoo with hands-on action to save wildlife. We need your help to Create a Better World for Animals not only around the world, but right here at home. Working together, we’ll restore animal habitats by removing litter pollution from local parks, rivers, and creeks. We’ll create pocket prairies for the Monarch Butterfly and other imperiled pollinators by planting milkweed and nectar plants. And, we’ll help forest animals like woodpeckers and bobcats by planting trees. All creatures great and small deserve clean air to breathe, healthy water to drink, and safe places to live and play.

The exciting world of wildlife awaits!

Check back later for specific dates and times or visit the calendar to view the upcoming events. We have something for everyone!

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