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Lions and African painted dogs are off-habitat for the time being due to maintenance happening in those areas.

Member Mornings: African Painted Dogs

Members are invited to exclusive mornings at the Zoo!


African Painted Dog Habitat

Visit some of the most charismatic residents of the Dallas Zoo, our African painted dogs! These carnivores have beautiful markings, expressive ears, and enthusiastic personalities — except for maybe when they’re taking one of their power naps. They’ll be bright-eyed for Member Mornings though! Come by their habitat at 8:30 a.m. for a Keeper Chat, and join us for an exclusive, themed activity before the Zoo opens to the public.

Reserve your tickets for the 8 a.m. “Member” time on February 4 or 5.

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Check back later for specific dates and times or visit the calendar to view the upcoming events. We have something for everyone!

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