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Annual Fund ’21

Support Your Zoo

Keeping our animals healthy is a top priority, and we need your help!

Zoologists spend countless hours patiently training animals to participate voluntarily and safely in their own healthcare.

That means less need for more invasive measures like sedation or anesthesia. Your gift of $25 can help support staff training sessions including dental checks for lions like Jasiri.

Support Healthy Animals Now

Zoologists at your Dallas Zoo need a variety of tools to keep our animals healthy – including 116 scales.

The largest scale for elephants can weigh up to 20,000-pounds and the most precise scale is used to weigh baby formula down to the hundredth of a gram. Your gift of $100 can help us keep our scales calibrated so our animals get the right amount of food for their personal body weight.

Make My Gift Now

Preventative monitoring with regular lab work is a vital expense, and outside labs alone can cost $7,500 per month.

Costly equipment like radiographs and ultrasound machines are regularly used to check animals for issues like kidney stones or to track pregnancies. Your gift of $250 or more can help to underwrite essential veterinary equipment and labs for more than 2,000 animals including otters like Tasanee.

Give Today

Give today to double your gift!

Your contribution, made by June 30, will have twice the impact thanks to a $20,000 challenge gift made by a generous friend of the Zoo!

Double My Impact

It’s easy to give!

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Attn: Development Department
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Dallas, TX 75203-3013

Special Gifts

You can also include the Dallas Zoo in your plans for special contributions, including for planned giving, memorial or tribute gifts, legacy gifts, matching funds, in-kind gifts to the Zoo, or even buying personalized bricks that live on-grounds at the Dallas Zoo.

The Dallas Zoological Society is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. As there are no benefits associated with gifts to the annual fund, donations may be considered tax-deductible contributions to the Dallas Zoological Society to the fullest extent of the law. (Federal ID #75-0964982)