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$350 - 1 Program (0-20 miles away from the Dallas Zoo)
$400 - 1 Program (21-40 miles away from the Dallas Zoo)
$450 - 1 Program (41-60 miles away from the Dallas Zoo)
1 Program further than 61 miles away from the Dallas Zoo
$200 - 2nd consecutive program
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Group Presentation / Stage Show Group Presentation/Stage Show-
Formal presentation where speaker talks about each animal one at a time. Animals can be walked around the audience.
Walk-Around Program Walk-Around Program-
Informal presentation where animals are walked around at events to meet guests.
Booth/Stationary Display Booth/Stationary Display-
Animals are presented at a stationary table where guests can come and go.
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Outside (Restrictions Apply) Outside Restrictions:
-Must work out of van to keep animals in climate controlled vehicle.
-Must have van within 10-15 feet of presentation space.
-During hot weather (85 degrees+), presentation must occur under shaded area.
-During extreme weather (below 50 degrees, raining, etc.) programs may be cancelled if no inside backup is available.
Location has Windows or Mirrors