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Monthly Archives: July 2018
IT’S A GIRL! Zoo names baby gorilla after influential Congolese gorilla caretaker

We are proud to share that our first critically endangered gorilla born in 20 years is a female named Saambili (sam-BEE-lee). Born on June 25, 2018, to second-time mom Hope and first-time dad Subira, Saambili is named after a female gorilla caretaker, Aldegonde Saambili, who works for Dallas Zoo’s conservation …

Spring season springs new chicks

With every spring comes another busy breeding season for Dallas Zoo’s bird team. This year, we’ve had success after success in breeding remarkable, threatened animals. The hatchlings are very carefully planned under recommendations from the Species Survival Plans, coordinated …

Dallas Zoo – Brew at the Zoo – GREAT BEER. GREAT MUSIC. GREAT CAUSE.

Wild Earth Preschool now enrolling!

Wild Earth Preschool now enrolling!
Contact us by July 15 to secure your spot for the fall 2018 opening– Click here to learn more.

Dallas Zoo welcomes its first baby gorilla in 20 years

Dallas Zoo staff are smiling big after welcoming our first baby gorilla in 20 years on Monday, June 25. This also marks the fifth baby gorilla the zoo has cared for in nearly 50 years.

Our 22-year-old critically endangered western lowland gorilla named…