Given the possibility of winter weather, the Zoo will be on a 2-hour delay and plans to open at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 16. We will continually reassess the situation on Monday evening and Tuesday morning and may change our hours further or even close the Zoo if conditions warrant. Check here or the Zoo's social media for the latest update.



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  • The Dallas Zoo is the largest Zoo in Texas, with 106 developed acres.
  • Founded in 1888, the Dallas Zoo was the first Zoo in Texas.
  • The Dallas Zoo is home to over 400 species and more than 2,000 animals not including invertebrates, such as the residents of Bug U!.
  • Giants of the Savanna is the only  multi-species zoo exhibit in the United States to mix elephants and other species in the same habitat.
  • The Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) presented the Dallas Zoo with its Significant Achievement in the AZA 2011 Exhibit Award for its Giants of the Savanna exhibit.
  • Travis & Zach’s Birds Landing is one of the only interactive aviaries to feature more than a dozen different species for guests to feed.
  • In 2016, the Dallas Zoo received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence for positive reviews on the travel website.
  • The Wilds of Africa was named the “Best African Exhibit in the U.S.” by The Zoo Book: A Guide to America’s Best. It includes 36 developed acres, six natural habitats, Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari, Gorilla Trail, award-winning Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center, A.D. Martin Sr. Forest Aviary, Don Glendenning Penguin Cove, and Kimberly-Clark Chimpanzee Forest.
  • The Dallas Zoo is the first zoo to breed saddle-billed storks in captivity.
  • Monster, the Zoo’s Nile crocodile, is one of the largest Nile crocodiles in the United States. The largest in Texas, he weighs approximately 850-900 lbs, and is about 13.5 feet long.
  • The Dallas Zoo is the only zoo to have Perentie monitors in North America and the only zoo outside Australia to successfully breed them in captivity.
  • The Dallas Zoo is the “Hottest” Zoo in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, maintaining more than 70 species of venomous reptiles.
  • The Dallas Zoo is the only AZA-accredited zoo to have Samar cobras and Philippine spitting cobras, and only one of three to have Gray’s monitors.
  • Twenty percent of the okapi in the United States and Japan were born or bred at the Dallas Zoo.
  • The Nature Exchange at the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, a unique swap shop where children earn points for natural items they bring in, was one of the first of its kind in the United States.