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Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo

The Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo isn’t just for the young, but also for the young at heart.

With a stream for splashing, ponies for riding, and birds for feeding, you could spend hours exploring the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo. The children’s zoo features educational, interactive, and entertaining exhibits for toddlers to pre-teens. Its goal is to help children learn about the diversity of life on Earth, the importance of respecting animals and the environment, and the need to conserve nature for future generations. Since opening in 2000, the children’s zoo has received numerous awards and has served as a model for other children’s zoos.

Components of the children’s zoo include:

  • The Wander – an intriguing entryway with a bubbling fountain called Raccoon Springs, where children can dip their hands
  • The Farm – opportunities for children to ride ponies, climb aboard a wooden play horse, pet baby doll sheep, miniature goats, and donkeys, and interact with pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other farm animals
  • Travis & Zach’s Birds Landing – an unique, interactive aviary, providing guests with the opportunity to feed worms and seed sticks to almost two dozen species of hand-raised birds
  • The Hillcrest Foundation Nature Exchange – providing a unique swap shop for children where they can earn points to trade for other wild treasures
  • The JCPenney Discovery House and A.H. Belo Discovery Yard – a replica of a familiar home and yard with discovery opportunities about animals living in our urban environment complete with opportunities to pet snakes, turtles, rats, and other creatures
  • The Stream – resembling a creek with water running through rock boulders