We’ll Miss Ya, Patrick!

We’ll Miss Ya, Patrick!

It’s time to say “see you later” to Patrick, the beloved Western lowland gorilla who has lived at the Dallas Zoo for 18 years.  Check out some of your favorite memories of our beloved boy!


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The best part of our visit to The Dallas Zoo summer 2011 was Patrick…
He showed us his funny personality with playing peekaboo, gave us a mad look with his arms crossed and was relaxed on his back with his legs in the air….
Lucy Morquecho

The first time I went to the Dallas Zoo I took this photo of Patrick, 2 years ago. I had the most amazing time sitting next to him at that window. He played coy, wouldn’t look at me directly, only from the corner of his eyes. I was in awe, just amazed by him. He is so majestic!….
Kreta Avens-Knox

Madison was so excited that Patrick was looking at her. Her hand and face are against the glass. We will miss you!
Casey Stoltz

So sad to see Patrick go. He was an instant “friend” to my two year old. She still runs to the glass to say hello every time we visit. We will miss you Patrick!
Christa Pointer Combs

My daughter and Patrick, checking each other out. Even silent and through a plate glass, he exudes personality. He will be greatly missed.
Rebecca Novakovich Gray

I love Patrick!!! I’m going to miss him and so will my son! He always interacts with my little boy, every time we come visit! He’s truly the highlight of our visit every time.
Ashley Brissel

I wrote my college essay about Patrick. I’m now studying Wildlife and Fisheries at Texas A&M
Emily Bach

I never forget him. One day, He was being pestered by a group of teenagers. They were yelling at him and banging on the glass, and he just sat there with his back to them. After about 5 minutes, they gave up and were discussing what animal they would bother next. That’s when Patrick turned and banged back on the glass. I swear I saw one or two wet themselves as they fled. You’ll be missed.
Christopher Morris

Several years ago my parents were visiting us from Kansas, and we took them to the zoo (their first time there). I told my mom about Patrick’s painted toenail fetish, and she promptly removed her shoe to show him her toes. That day, however, he was more interested in the paper bag I was holding, so I set it down in front of him. He leaned forward to try to see inside, so I began pulling the items out one by one, giving him time to study each item of our hurriedly packed lunch, loaf of bread, jar of peanut butter, bunch of bananas, etc. As soon as he was finished with one, he’d lean forward toward the bag to show me he wanted to see the next. We will miss Patrick!! Hope he doesn’t miss all of us too much and adjusts well to his new home.
Carla Moseley Bethke

So sad to see him go. I hope this move will be a happy and healthy one for Patrick. Our kids have grown up knowing him and we will say a special prayer that all goes well. See you at the going away party.
Chelsey Greenhaw Anderson

He ran up to as and started banging on the glass and then rolled on the floor in front of it. He was so cute (:
Janell Kleinmann

Oh no. Cry fest over here! My sisters and I have been members for years. We spent hrs just admiring how beautiful, smart, and funny he is. Can’t believe he won’t be there anymore.
Nofb Judy

I remember Patrick walking up to where I could take his pic. Then he walked back and peeked around the corner at me. Farewell Patrick. You were my favorite Gorilla to visit. I hope you find happiness in your new home.
Josie Chavez

Went to the zoo today with my 3 year old daughter, even after I saw the FB post saying he wouldn’t be in the exhibit today. Stopped by the Research Center to talk with the lovely, knowledgable staff about the gorillas to discover that “the boys” had been put away and Patrick was going to be released onto exhibit in mere moments!! We got to see him next to the window, sit in his signature pose, and say a goodbye to him! It was a great experience! We will miss him, but know that there will be so many people who will be caring for him and will love him in his new home. Our family has enjoyed watching him over the years that we have been zoo members, and Patrick has inspired my kids to learn more about gorillas and other endangered species in the world. Goodbye Patrick! Safe travels! Kudos to all the keepers and zoologists that put so much time and effort into caring for you! Maria Brunko