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Zoo News

New Bird Show Takes Flight for Dallas Roars!
Mar 23, 2011

Trained birds will soar, swoop, and dive as they perform aerobatic feats during the new SOAR, A Festival of Flight show in ZooNorth. Hawks, owls, toucans, hornbills, ibises, ravens, eagles, and others demonstrate natural behaviors as they fly through the audience and interact with the host of the show. The bird shows will take place Wednesday through Sunday at the new Wildlife Amphitheater opening April 23 for the first weekend of Dallas Roars!

“Our guests are going to have a lot of fun at this show,” said Gregg Hudson, executive director of the Dallas Zoo and the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. “We’re working with internationally renowned animal behaviorist Steve Martin and his team at Natural Encounters Inc. to develop this terrific program. They have more than two decades of experience creating shows for the State Fair of Texas, the San Diego Zoo, the Bronx Zoo, and other facilities around the world. It’s funny, smart, and carries an important conservation message that connects people to wildlife.”

Guests can expect to meet almost 20 species of birds. The shows will start with red-tailed hawk and silver gull fly-bys. Keas, playful and intelligent birds from New Zealand, participate in an entertaining and educational game show. Guests will see African pied crows pick pockets, Eurasian eagle owls taunting a shutterbug, Harris hawks catching flying objects, a red-legged seriema hunting, and African collared ravens collecting cash for conservation.

Dramatic demonstrations of flight will leave audiences amazed. Trumpeter hornbills, West African crowned cranes, toco toucans, a hadada ibis, and others will swoop over the crowds. Guests also may see creatures that do not fly – African penguins – swimming in the pool at the front of the stage. They will also meet three 6-foot American alligators.

Look for comic relief from talking parrots, the host of the show – and maybe a few audience members. SOAR show times are 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. There is an additional show at 3 p.m. on Friday through Sunday.

The Wildlife Amphitheater can accommodate 600 guests for bird shows as well as concerts and other events.