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Dallas Zoo Heats Up for Spring Break
Mar 11, 2011

Dallas Zoo Heats Up for Spring Break

The weather is getting warmer and things are heating up for spring break at the Dallas Zoo. Meet the new bachelor gorillas, take a trek with the camels, attend a birthday party for the lions, view our lesser flamingo chick, or see what’s new on the savanna. If you can’t join in the fun but your children love animals, send them to camp at the Zoo. There’s so much to do for spring break this year.

Bachelor gorillas: Meet Juba, 9, and B’wenzi, 8, at the Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center. The Dallas Zoo is filling a need for homes for male gorillas born in captivity. Watch Juba do a “baseball slide” across the ground and see B’wenzi barrel roll and clap with his fingers facing downward.

Radio Disney Day: Kick off spring break on Saturday, March 12 with the crew from Radio Disney. They will bring their high-energy entertainment to the Zoo from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with music, fun games, and prizes.

Lion birthday party: The kings of our jungle are celebrating their second birthdays on Saturday, March 12. Come to Predator Rock at Giants of the Savanna at 2 p.m. and watch Kamaia and Dinari enjoy special treats after they show off during a training demonstration. The first 200 children at the lion habitat after the demonstration will receive a free mini cupcake to mark the big day. Everyone is invited to sign the birthday card for these carnivorous kitties.

Lesser flamingo chick: The Dallas Zoo had its first successful hatching of a lesser flamingo chick on Dec. 29, 2010. The little bird has been raised by its parents in an off-exhibit enclosure throughout the cold winter months. The chick can now be viewed in the lesser flamingo habitat in the Wilds of Africa. Only three zoos in the nation reported successful lesser flamingo chick hatchings last year.

Spring Break Camp: If the grown-ups in your family have to work during spring break, then send the little animal lovers in your family to our Animal Adventure Camp. Choose one day or the entire week. Space is still available. Visit DallasZoo.com for more information or to register.

Camel Rides: Take a trek around the camel habitat in Zoo North with the return of camel rides.

Giants of the Savanna: Zookeepers have been mixing it up on the savanna all winter and introducing various species to the elephants. Every day is different. You may see the elephants in the Giraffe Savanna or impalas, ostriches, guineafowl, and even Vern the zebra visiting the Elephant Savanna.

DART: Add to the adventure and take the DART Red Line to the Dallas Zoo. The train stops across from the Zoo entrance and you’ll avoid the traffic and parking fee.

Expanded schedule of keeper encounters: Enjoy learning more about wildlife from the zookeepers that care for our animals every day.

Seasonal rates for spring (March – May): $15 for ages 12-64 and $12 for ages 3-11 and seniors. As always, children under age 2 and DZS members are free.


11:00 Rhino (Large Mammal Building)
11:15 Underzone Feeding (Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo)
11:30 Lemurs (Entry Plaza)
12:30 Reptiles (Reptile Building)
1:15 Texas Cats (Cat Green)
1:45 Tigers (Endangered Tiger Habitat)
2:00 Pony Barn (Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo)
2:15 Primates (Primate Place)
2:30 Flamingos (Flamingo Pond)
3:00 Otters (Otter Outpost)

Wilds of Africa

11:00 Bird Feeding/Talk(A.D. Martin Sr. Forest Aviary)
1:30 Okapi (Gorilla Trail)
1:45 Mandrills (Wilds Entrance)
2:00 Chimps (Gorilla Trail)
2:15 Nile Crocodiles (Gorilla Trail)
2:30 Gorillas (Viewing Bunker and Platform)
3:00 Penguin Feeding (Penguin Cove)

Giants of the Savanna

11:00 Predator Encounter (Lion or Cheetah)
11:30 Elephant Encounter
1:30 Elephant Encounter
2:00 Predator Encounter (Lion or Cheetah)

• Parking: $7 per car
• Camel rides: $5 pp
• Monorail Safari: $3 pp
• Endangered Species Carousel: $2 pp
• Giraffe feeding: $5 per feeding
• Pony Rides: $2 pp (80 lbs. or less)
• Bird’s Landing: $1 per seed stick or cup of worms