Did you know that 96 elephants die a day in Africa?

Despite restrictions on illegal poaching and trafficking, ivory is in high demand globally. With 35,000 elephants a year killed for their tusks, African forest elephants may be extinct in 10 years if the poaching doesn’t stop.

Help us raise awareness on the plight of the African elephant as we partner with the
96 Elephant’s #Elphie campaign.

Here’s how you can help!

DOWNLOAD your own “Jenny” elephant coloring sheet  Jenny96ElesWeb
 JennySelfieWeb DECORATE it! Get creative! Crayons, paint, markers, glitter…the options are endless and we can’t wait to see your artwork!
SNAP an “elphie” with your own personalized “Jenny” elephant drawing  KeeperElphieWeb
POST it to your Instagram account or to the Dallas Zoo Facebook using the hashtags #DallasZooElphie & #Elphie
Bring in your printed and decorated “elphie” coloring sheet to receive $5 admission on Tuesday, August 12, in honor of World Elephant Day.  The Zoo also will offer an exclusive
behind-the-scenes tour of the elephant barn for $5, with the proceeds going to elephant conservation.


The campaign will begin on July 14 and will end on August 12, World Elephant Day. You can also participate at the Zoo. We will have the coloring sheets ready for you to color on your next trip here. Please stop by the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, Simmons Safari Base Camp in the Giants of the Savanna, or visit an elephant keeper chat held every day at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to color with us.

Visit the 96 Elephants website to learn more about them and the #Elphie campaign.