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World-famous giraffe Katie welcomes baby boy

We are elated to share that our beloved giraffe Katie gave birth to a healthy male calf on Tuesday, May 30, at approximately 1:45 p.m.

‘Otterly’ amazing creatures: Celebrating World Otter Day

We’re celebrating World Otter Day by introducing you to our Asian small-clawed otter pairs of Jimmy and Jelly or Tasanee and Duranjaya.

Snoozing in the sand: Studying elephant sleep habits

Our team of keepers and volunteers conducted a study to see just how long our elephants were snoozing at night, and with the help of some video cameras, they learned a lot more!

Animal Adventures outreach programs provide fun for all ages

We travel all across North Texas teaching people about animals and why they matter, and there’s one audience that we just can’t get enough of — senior centers!

Hockaday high school students monkey around with primate enrichment

For most high school students, the semester is filled with standard classes like calculus, biology, English, and history – but a group of five Hockaday students can proudly add monkeying around with STEM to their academic repertoire.

Dallas Zoo Corps launch cell phone recycling initiative to save gorillas

Every minute, 150 acres of rain forest are lost to deforestation, depriving species of habitat and people of crucial resources. One major cause of this habitat destruction is the mining of the mineral coltan, which is widely used in common compact technology devices such as cell phones.

Happy first birthday, Ajabu: Looking back on a year of milestones for our baby elephant

As we celebrate this precious baby’s first birthday, we look back on the moments that truly take our breath away.

Fidelity Cares for the Dallas Zoo by the numbers

Nearly 700 Fidelity Investments employees dedicated their time to helping the Zoo during Fidelity Cares Day. Together, we worked on projects to benefit our animals, conservation partners and our community.

Hippos, hippos, hooray! Dallas Zoo opens new $14 million exhibit

The new habitat, home to Adhama and Boipelo, includes a 24-foot by 8-foot viewing window that brings guests eye-to-nostril with the Nile hippos as they explore their 120,000-gallon waterhole.

Gorilla wounds common as males grow into silverbacks

A 450-pound gorilla with teeth 2-3 inches long can leave a nasty wound! But our keepers and veterinary staff keep a close eye out, and know immediately if one occurs.

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