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Q&A: Dallas Zoo welcomes precious elephant calf

It’s big news: we’ve welcomed a male African elephant calf, born Saturday, May 14, to Mlilo, one of our elephants rescued from drought-stricken Swaziland. The relocation of these elephants to Dallas in March not only saved Mlilo, but also provided for the survival of this beautiful calf, who will be an excellent ambassador for his species, helping us teach guests about the grave crisis elephants face in Africa.

Green Tip #1: From Scraps to Super Soil

We haven’t bought fertilizer for our Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo gardens in 16 years – and it’s all thanks to our staffers’ lunch scraps. Our Green Team shares their composting success secrets on our ZooHoo! blog in their first series of “Green Tips” to help you go green at home.

More nectar, please! Meet our loving lorikeets

Maybe it’s their vibrantly beautiful feathers, the intimate nectar feedings, or the gentle ear nibbles that keep guests coming back to feed some of our most popular residents. It’s time you get to know a few of the 30 birds who call Lorikeet Landing home. Keeper Amanda Barr introduces us to some of the standout stars.

Know when to help a baby bird

Spring is here! And with it comes baby birds that sometimes find themselves out of the nest and on the ground. Knowing basic information can save the animal’s life and benefit the environment.

Dallas Zoo vet’s commitment, thoroughness earn him top AZA honors

As our lead veterinarian, Senior Director of Animal Health Dr. Chris Bonar travels the country inspecting zoos and aquariums up for reaccreditation through the AZA – and his thoroughness has paid off.

A Keeper’s Tale: Extra care for a tiny newborn

When baby Dasher wasn’t receiving the care he needed from his mother, animal care staff stepped in to hand-rear the tiny dik-dik.

Children’s Aquarium was catalyst for renowned oceanographer, UTA professor

As a child, young Ashanti Johnson fell in love with marine science. Yet as a high school senior in landlocked North Texas,
the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park gave her the first taste of what would become a remarkable and inspiring career.

Saving Penguins: A nesting nightmare in South Africa

Over the past 100 years, the population of African penguins has declined from more than two million breeding pairs to slightly more than 20,000 breeding pairs left.

Dallas Zoo totally owns green living

Being green is a way of life. As a conservation organization, we strive to practice what we preach, not just on Earth Day, but every day. We work tirelessly to combine our daily operations with our conservation mission, and we rally our community to do it with us.

Hopping to the rescue: Protecting the critically endangered dusky gopher frog

Amphibians are facing a global extinction crisis – here in our backyards of Texas, to the Costa Rican rain forests and beyond. The troubled dusky gopher frog is fighting to survive in Mississippi and we’ve hopped in to help.

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