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A Mandrill Puzzle: How We Brought a Broken Troop Together

When nearly 18-year-old mandrill Milo, the beloved father to Obi, passed away suddenly from a form of lymphatic cancer in June 2014, Dallas Zoo staff were at a loss.

Dallas Zoo hopes to relocate elephants, make room for rhinos in Africa

The Dallas Zoo is proud to partner with two other accredited zoos and conservation officials in Swaziland, Africa, to provide needed new homes to 18 elephants. The elephants are destroying the landscape in two privately managed parks in the small country, which is about the size of New Jersey.

Helping orphaned gorillas find their way

Now is the time to learn to be a gorilla. Deep in the heart of a remote forested mountain in rural Democratic Republic of Congo, 14 highly endangered, orphaned Grauer’s gorillas are learning how to survive on their own.

Dallas Zoo celebrates first-ever millionth visitor

The Dallas Zoo surprised its millionth visitor Wednesday with a BIG celebration. Parents Jonathan and MJ Martin and sons, Zachariah and Corwin from Anna, Texas, were the special family that helped the zoo top the mark for first time in its 127-year history.

Forest Wildlife Weekend: Conservation Action for Forest Animals

Thank you for an extraordinary Forest Wildlife Weekend filled with wild inspiration, family fun, and conservation action at the Dallas Zoo. Our animals inspired 3,613 new conservation commitments for wildlife here and around the globe.

The Diary of Butter

Dear, Diary. Today I sssaw another one of thossse ssstrange little creaturesss without any ssscales on itsss body.

Operation Horned Lizard: Saving A Texas Icon

It’s 5:30 p.m. at the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch in Fisher County, Texas: prime time to “road cruise” for Texas horned lizards.

15 reasons why you should wish our Children’s Zoo a happy birthday

1. Our goats give hugs. Really good hugs. (They take selfies, too).

How do you introduce lions? Very carefully

Some people have magical, undeniable chemistry at first glance, while others slowly grow into it, and some can’t stand the sight of one other instantaneously. The same goes for the animal kingdom.

How to Train a Mongoose 101

How in the world do you find out if a dwarf mongoose is pregnant? You weigh her! And that’s also a great way to monitor an animal’s overall health.

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