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Tunnel into the world of naked mole rats

Did you know naked mole rats can run as fast backwards as they can forwards? Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Dallas Zoo’s Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo is the Underzone, which hosts two colonies of naked mole rats.

Elephant introductions: A peek at a very complicated process

All summer, you’ve seen our four “Golden Girls” getting to know our five rescued Swaziland elephants (plus baby Ajabu after his arrival in May!). But you probably don’t realize the care and hard work our elephant team spent ensuring a positive introduction. It’s very intricate, requiring great skill and dedication.

‘Rockstar’ cooperative cat aides Zoo medical study

Zoo staff are taking blood pressure readings on Lakai’s tail using an inflating cuff, similar to one used on humans. The readings will help monitor his well-being and track data in a medical area without a lot history.

Dallas Zoo, city unveil new elephant-statue gateway

Visitors will now receive a taste of Africa before stepping on Zoo grounds with Two Elephants Greeting, a new steel sculpture unveiled at the corner of Marsalis Ave.
and the I-35E frontage road.

Scimitar-horned oryx: Thanks to zoos, the world welcomes them back from extinction

While we proudly care for five new scimitar-horned oryx at the Dallas Zoo, these African antelope are making huge strides across the world – they’re rebounding from extinction in the wild.

Zoo-based AmeriCorps member looks to engage community, build relationships

There’s a new man on campus and he’s doing great things for our Oak Cliff community. Ben Beckley is here through the AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) program.

New roomies: Planning, patience required for nyala, red river hog introductions

When our sounder of red river hogs were looking for a new home, our herd of nyala antelope had some room to spare.

Dallas Zoo wins international award for protecting wild gorillas

We received AZA’s 2016 International Conservation Award for our work with GRACE – the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center – in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Green Tip #5: Helping you make sustainable palm oil choices

Production of palm oil is tragically one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction worldwide, pushing animals like tigers and orangutans towards extinction.

2016 Feather, Fur and Scales photography contest winners

With 120 photo submissions in our three categories, youth, teen, and adult, our judges were hard-pressed to declare winners this year with the sheer amount of artistic talent.

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