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Take action for wildlife we love

The Dallas Zoo’s annual We ❤️️ Wildlife event celebrated a different kind of love. Members and guests showed their appreciation for animals, keepers, and conservationists with valentines created at stations across the Zoo.

Random Acts of Kindness to the Earth

At the Dallas Zoo, we take pride in doing our part in protect the natural world, and thought it only appropriate to take some time to show our appreciation for the third rock from the sun.

Dallas Zoo, DSO bring ‘Music and Motion’ together for students

In a unique partnership that brought music and science alive for students, the Zoo and DSO developed a new program that melded animals and music, two things kids love but may never have imagined overlapping.

Nests 101: Building a home out of ANYTHING

Nest-building is a true art form. Every bird species has its own unique building technique, and every nest varies in size, design and composition.

Pint-sized Texas Longhorns delighting Children’s Zoo guests

It may not be the Starship Enterprise, but the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo is the perfect home for the newest animal additions: Captain and Kirk. These two miniature Texas longhorns are settling in nicely to their home and guests couldn’t be happier.

Dallas Zoo proudly restores habitat for endangered birds

No strategy to save animals is complete without a focus on habitat loss, and the work to restore it. Earlier this month, our Wild Earth Action Team traveled to the Big Thicket National Preserve to plant 10,000 trees across 300 acres of land.

A hugely successful year with AAZK

In 2016, Dallas Zoo AAZK Chapter members bowled and sailed to raise thousands of dollars for conservation groups around the world, in addition to sending zookeepers away for professional development, and more.

Never too late to learn: Spectacled owl becomes Zoo’s newest ambassador

Tulum has made a remarkable transformation. Thanks to very patient bird keepers and a specialized training plan, this previously skittish bird is now greeting and educating guests on the arm of a keeper.

What’s it take to be a zookeeper? An inside view on the best job in the world

Being a zookeeper at the Dallas Zoo is a dream career for many, but it’s more involved than you may think. To give you the inside scoop, we’ve debunked eight myths about zookeepers.

Teen Science Café proves science is cool at Dallas Zoo

From counting Humboldt penguins along the Peruvian coast, to identifying elements using light spectrums, Teen Science Café at the Dallas Zoo is getting teens involved and excited about science in a super-cool way!

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