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National Zookeeper Week: Why we love our careers

For National Zookeeper Week, we’re shining light on our incredibly devoted keepers. Lower Wilds of Africa zookeeper Cristina Powers shares a touching story on why zookeepers love their challenging, dirty, and extremely rewarding careers.

Chicks galore! Another epic breeding season for bird team

Our top-notch bird team has done it again. And again. And finally again. They welcomed some remarkable chicks into the world this year, and deserve some major recognition. Eat your baby bird-loving hearts out with all these photos and send them a congratulations!

Guide to Pokémon Go at the Dallas Zoo

We welcome all Pokémon trainers. We want you to have a fun and especially safe time while looking for the elusive Pikachu or fighting to take over the giraffe statue gym for Team Mystic.

‘Through Their Eyes’: Kids put passion to print with interactive book

These young authors from Coppell Middle School East, Coppell Middle School West and Westlake Academy spent countless hours in our Zoo researching endangered specie and put their passion to print.

Tiny tortoise, gecko hatchlings are a big deal

Congratulations to our world-class reptile department in the success of two vital hatchings: a Forsten’s tortoise and a satanic leaf-tailed gecko. Read why these little guys are much-needed ambassadors for their wild counterparts.

Green tip #2: Five ways to help the earth (and your pocketbook!) this summer

Our trusty Green Team has the low-down on five ways to help the earth (and your pocketbook!) this summer. Share the knowledge!

Teen volunteers leave the Zoo for inspiring overnight adventure

There’s no denying we have the most dedicated youth volunteers around. And with one of the biggest zoological Youth Volunteer Programs in the nation, we wanted to introduce a new experience that takes elite teens out of the city lights and into true nature.

‘Living fossils’: Meet our rare reptiles from the dinosaur eras

Learn about an extremely rare reptile that lived alongside dinosaurs 200 million years ago, and calls the Dallas Zoo home. We’re very fortunate to care for three tuataras. With special permission from the New Zealand government, that included a blessing from a Māori priest upon their arrival in 1992, we invite you to learn more about the journey to get these creatures and how they’re thriving today.

Bamboo donation a welcome treat

Three acres of overgrown bamboo is a good problem to have, as long as you’re a Dallas Zoo animal! Our red river hogs, primates and many other animals are now benefiting from a generous donation all the way from Lake Tyler.

Da-dum. Da-dum. It’s Shark Day at Children’s Aquarium again!

Shockingly, nearly 50% of sharks are at serious risk in the wild largely due to irresponsible human behavior. But if we are the problem, we can also be the solution. Read how you can help save sharks and stop by the Aquarium to celebrate these incredible predators.

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