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New art piece to join iconic giraffe statue

The Dallas Zoo’s giant 67-foot-tall giraffe statue (you know, the one that you can see about a mile away on I-35) soon will have company to share her limelight.

IT’S A BOY! Meet our new long-legged baby

The Dallas Zoo has welcomed a leggy, 6-foot-tall baby giraffe, born Sunday to first-time mother Chrystal. The energetic male calf weighs about 120 pounds and appears to be healthy.

Palm oil debate: Saving rainforest homes

On the other side of the world, orangutans, tigers and many other animals are losing their rainforest homes so we can eat food and use products that contain a special ingredient that grows in their habitats – palm oil. Today, palm oil is found in about half the products sold in grocery stores, everything from cookies to toothpaste.

Meet the Zoo Team: Randy Johnson

Not many people can say they enjoy their first cup of coffee in the morning while listening to a lion’s roar echo in the distance. But that’s how Randy Johnson’s day starts off. Randy’s been the horticulture manager at the Dallas Zoo for just over a year, and he’s made quite an impression.

Update: Gorilla Patrick prospers in new home

It’s been a year since we said farewell to our beloved Western lowland gorilla Patrick. You helped us send off the 24-year-old silverback with presents, cupcakes, cards, and a whole lot of love. Patrick now calls the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, S.C., home.

Crispy baked bugs, anyone?

Aaron Bussell, our Animal Nutrition Center supervisor, didn’t think he’d be wiped out of food at the State Fair of Texas when he was invited to hold a cooking demo, considering he was baking bugs! But that’s exactly what happened – 150 portions gone in a matter of minutes.

Dallas Zoo smashes yearly attendance record

Thanks to our amazing guests, we’ve done it again! The Dallas Zoo has set an all-time attendance record for the fifth consecutive year, with 943,139 guests visiting Texas’ largest and oldest zoo in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

New silverback joins female gorillas

He’s a sight for sore eyes — a handsome fella and a patient man (swooning much?). Subira, a 19-year-old Western lowland gorilla, has joined the Dallas Zoo troop as a breeding male, creating our first family group in over a decade.

Halloween creepy-crawlers not so creepy

Admit it, there are a few creatures that make your skin crawl, or maybe make you squeal, jump on top of a table, or run like the wind. We’ve compiled a list of the scariest creatures at the Dallas Zoo. But we’re not trying to intensify your phobias — zookeeper Tim Brys tells why our top five “scariest” animals are simply misunderstood.

Training big rodents requires big skills

R.O.U.S.’s (rodents of unusual size) are no longer a fictional character in the beloved film “The Princess Bride.” They’re real, and sharing their amazing natural adaptations with Dallas Zoo guests in the SOAR: A Festival of Flight show.

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