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How to Train a Mongoose 101

How in the world do you find out if a dwarf mongoose is pregnant? You weigh her! And that’s also a great way to monitor an animal’s overall health.

Dinosaur-hunting: A Famous Fossil Safari

In Mansfield, Texas, a small, seemingly unremarkable plot of land overlooks a new shopping center. Yet this spring, this was the epicenter of a remarkable tale: a rare, 96-million-year-old dinosaur discovery by Wylie Brys and his father, Dallas Zoo employee Tim Brys.

Dallas Zoo offers half-price summer special before dinos disappear

Giants of the Jurassic ends in just over a month, and the zoo is launching a half-price summer special so everyone can catch them before they go extinct.

Mourning our beloved Kipenzi

We’re overwhelmed by the love you’ve shown for our little Kipenzi, and to our grieving staff. Because you’ve asked a few specific questions, we wanted to answer them here for you.

Dallas Zoo devastated by loss of wildly popular giraffe calf

The Dallas Zoo is devastated to announce the accidental death Tuesday evening of Kipenzi, the giraffe calf whose birth on Animal Planet Live captured the hearts of people worldwide.

Bowling for Rhinos: They don’t bowl, but we do!

At first glance, bowling and animal conservation might seem like an odd pair. Two fine things in their own right, but not exactly an automatic match. But for 25 years, zookeepers have made the two go hand-in-hand with Bowling for Rhinos.

A very special little vulture

This little chick is a very big deal. Meet the first white-backed vulture chick hatched in a U.S. zoo in 16 years!

Zoo’s preschoolers become youngest animal experts

Every child wants a WILD adventure. In our Zoo preschool programs, little ones ages 3-5 experience just that – and they become some of the youngest animal experts you’ll ever meet!

As they grow, teens help grow Zoo, too

Did you know the Dallas Zoo has one of the biggest zoological Youth Volunteer Programs in the country? We have space to place more than 400 volunteers at a time in jobs such as Junior Zookeepers, Conservation Guides, Aquarium Guides and Junior Camp Counselors.

Winspear & Amani: From babies to boys

Winspear, who was born July 8, and Amani, who was born July 10, will celebrate their second birthday together on July 11. Please join us at the Cheetah Encounter this Saturday at 9:45 a.m. as these BFFs devour their birthday cake.

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