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Saving Marvin, with a gift of heart

A little boy from a small Pacific island, struggling to hold onto life and in desperate need of heart surgery, came to Dallas and left with a new future – and a love of some new animals.

Greening the Zoo

What do rainwater harvesting tanks and reforestation have in common? They’re just a couple of the many environmentally friendly ways we create a self-sustaining ecosystem at the Dallas Zoo.

BIRTHDAY BASH! Dallas Zoo celebrates chimp & otter’s 1st birthdays

Our babies are growing up! The Dallas Zoo is throwing a first birthday party bash for chimp Mshindi and Asian small-clawed otter Tasanee tomorrow (Saturday, Jan. 24), and everyone’s invited.

Dallas Zoo welcomes popular New York anteater “MJ”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a special 1-year-old New York celebrity has arrived for romance! Here on a Species Survival Plan (SSP) breeding recommendation, MJ has been paired with our popular 2-year-old female tamandua, Chispa.

$5 admission during Penguin Days through February

Through January and February the price of admission is dropping with the temps. Until Feb. 28, guests can visit the African penguins (and all the other animals) for just $5 per person.

Reinventing the natural world explorer

Research has shown that zoological park visits promote an increased connection with nature, acting as a gateway to the wild world for millions of visitors every year. With the help of a $10,000 grant, the Dallas Zoo is combatting couch-potato syndrome.

Into Africa: An unforgettable experience with wildlife and Zoo friends

Dallas Zoo’s vice president of guest experiences, Sean Greene, blogs about his recent journey to Africa with friends and supporters of the Zoo.

Deforestation is so last season

Did you know that some of the most popular clothing brands we wear use fabrics made from tree pulp? It’s an incredibly toxic process that’s destroying forests across the world and leaving the endangered animals that live there homeless.

Adopting a lot of (furry, scaly, feathery) love

It was December 1985, and Oak Cliff resident David Luther was about to celebrate his daughter Amanda’s first Christmas. He wanted to give his little girl something special, something she’d have for years to come that would never be the same. David gave her the intangible gift of adopting a Dallas Zoo animal.

Elephant artwork to join iconic giraffe statue

It’s a symbol of a solid, loving bond between African elephants — intertwining their massive trunks in a gentle hug. This affectionate symbol will be the theme of a new art piece joining our iconic 67-foot-tall giraffe statue near the front entrance of the Zoo.

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