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Never too late to learn: Spectacled owl becomes Zoo’s newest ambassador

Tulum has made a remarkable transformation. Thanks to very patient bird keepers and a specialized training plan, this previously skittish bird is now greeting and educating guests on the arm of a keeper.

What’s it take to be a zookeeper? An inside view on the best job in the world

Being a zookeeper at the Dallas Zoo is a dream career for many, but it’s more involved than you may think. To give you the inside scoop, we’ve debunked eight myths about zookeepers.

Teen Science Café proves science is cool at Dallas Zoo

From counting Humboldt penguins along the Peruvian coast, to identifying elements using light spectrums, Teen Science Café at the Dallas Zoo is getting teens involved and excited about science in a super-cool way!

Christmas is for the birds

With 98.5% of all North American migratory birds, and 637 of the 957 total North American bird species recorded in our state, you can say Texas is for the birds! Feeding and identifying birds is an amazing nature adventure that’s fun, intellectually challenging and pleasant to watch and listen.

Dallas Zoo’s holiday gift guide

Shopping for that special someone who has everything? Fret no more. The Dallas Zoo has unique and special gifts that are guaranteed to surprise and delight the hardest person to shop for.

Bob Butsch: Our longest Keeper’s Aide volunteer

There’s a special volunteer we want you to meet – his name is Bob Butsch and he’s volunteered almost every Saturday for nearly 30 years at the Zoo. Working in our Herpetarium, Bob’s our longest serving Keeper’s Aide volunteer, clocking 5,900+ hours!

Tunnel into the world of naked mole rats

Did you know naked mole rats can run as fast backwards as they can forwards? Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Dallas Zoo’s Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo is the Underzone, which hosts two colonies of naked mole rats.

Elephant introductions: A peek at a very complicated process

All summer, you’ve seen our four “Golden Girls” getting to know our five rescued Swaziland elephants (plus baby Ajabu after his arrival in May!). But you probably don’t realize the care and hard work our elephant team spent ensuring a positive introduction. It’s very intricate, requiring great skill and dedication.

‘Rockstar’ cooperative cat aides Zoo medical study

Zoo staff are taking blood pressure readings on Lakai’s tail using an inflating cuff, similar to one used on humans. The readings will help monitor his well-being and track data in a medical area without a lot history.

Dallas Zoo, city unveil new elephant-statue gateway

Visitors will now receive a taste of Africa before stepping on Zoo grounds with Two Elephants Greeting, a new steel sculpture unveiled at the corner of Marsalis Ave.
and the I-35E frontage road.

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