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Responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing any and all irrigation systems, misting systems, DCA’s & RPZ’s. Supervises and coordinates work with the Irrigation Technician.


This position is responsible for the creative and strategic direction of the Volunteer programs for the Dallas Zoo and the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park and will plan and direct the management of volunteer activities for both mission-based and support programs. The incumbent will take direction from the strategic goals of the institution and will collaborate with other senior managers to create, design and implement volunteer outcome-oriented programs and activities. This position reports directly to the Vice President of Conservation & Education and is one member of the senior team of the Conservation and Education Division.


Children’s Zoo Specialists are both animal care specialists and educators responsible for an animal collection consisting of domestic and exotic animals for programming, contact and exhibit. Children’s Specialist are responsible for providing animal care, monitoring animal health, maintaining cleanliness of animal areas, providing enrichment, exhibit maintenance and improvements, and preparing and presenting engaging public education presentations for children and families. Children’s Zoo Specialists work in all areas of the Children Zoo which includes: the Farmyard, Underzone, Discovery House, Nature Exchange, and Birds Landing.

The focus of the Children’s Zoo SpecialistIII – Animal Presentations and Trainingwill beto assist Supervisor in the establishment, implementation, maintenance and oversight of animal operant conditioning training plans for all Children’s Zoo animals for the purposes of husbandry procedures, veterinary treatment and educational presentations. CZ Specialist III facilitates communication flow in department, leads work group on a daily basis in completing assigned duties and serves as the contact for the department in supervisor’s absence.

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