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5-year-old lioness dies after being bitten

A 5-year-old lioness, Johari, died Sunday, Nov. 18, at the Dallas Zoo after being bitten in the neck by a male lion in her pride.

Dallas Zoo welcomes another rare baby okapi

The Dallas Zoo has welcomed a new baby okapi, named “Almasi,” who becomes the 36th calf born in the zoo’s 50-year history of caring for this rare, remarkable species.

Dallas Zoological Society president Michael Meadows announces retirement after almost 10 years

Michael Meadows, president and chief executive officer of the Dallas Zoological Society, today announced his intention to retire from his position after almost ten years of leading the organization. He will stay on through September 2014.

Dallas Zoo smashes all-time yearly attendance record

The Dallas Zoo has set an all-time attendance record for the fourth consecutive year, with 915,971 guests visiting Texas’ largest and oldest zoo in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

Halloween Nights are a naturally spooky time at the Dallas Zoo

The most naturally spooky place for little ghouls and goblins this month is at the Dallas Zoo, where the gates will creak open after-hours for Halloween Nights, a special four-day evening event from 5-8 p.m. on Oct. 24-27.

Dallas Zoo’s popular gorilla, Patrick, moving to South Carolina

It’s time to say “see you later” to Patrick, the beloved Western lowland gorilla who has lived at the Dallas Zoo for 18 years. The silverback soon will be moving to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, S.C.

ExxonMobil Science Day at the Dallas Zoo merges learning with fun

Education is a key part of the mission of every accredited zoo, and the Dallas Zoo’s ExxonMobil Science Day spreads knowledge and fun at the same time.

Cheetah cubs join Dallas Zoo’s Animal Adventures outreach program

The Dallas Zoo welcomes two new adorable balls of fuzz: cheetah cubs Winspear and Kamau, who as part of the zoo’s Animal Adventures outreach program will help teach the public about these highly endangered African animals.

Rare ocelot kitten born at Dallas Zoo

A rare ocelot kitten has been born at the Dallas Zoo to first-time parents whose pairing was a goal of the national program trusted with ensuring the survival of this unique predator cat species.

Dallas Zoo has busiest July in its 125-year history

For the second straight month, the Dallas Zoo has set a monthly attendance record, with 119,368 visitors in July.

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