Monthly Archives: June 2017
Gorilla groovin’: Promoting play through enrichment

Our dancing gorilla Zola is a viral star! Learn more about this playful boy’s behavior and why keeping our animals enriched and active is so important.

World-famous giraffe Katie welcomes baby boy

We are elated to share that our beloved giraffe Katie gave birth to a healthy male calf on Tuesday, May 30, at approximately 1:45 p.m.

‘Otterly’ amazing creatures: Celebrating World Otter Day

We’re celebrating World Otter Day by introducing you to our Asian small-clawed otter pairs of Jimmy and Jelly or Tasanee and Duranjaya.

Snoozing in the sand: Studying elephant sleep habits

Our team of keepers and volunteers conducted a study to see just how long our elephants were snoozing at night, and with the help of some video cameras, they learned a lot more!