Monthly Archives: November 2015
We’re thankful for so much…

On this national day of reflection, we pause to give thanks for so very much:
Our residents. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened,” said poet Anatole France.

Bongo Baby: Critically Endangered Species Grows by 1

There aren’t many babies in the animal kingdom who pop out looking this striking. Born sporting a fiery chestnut coat with thin white lines and adorably massive ears, eastern bongos’ natural beauty is one of the main reasons behind their decline in the wild.

Mountain Lions: Understanding an elusive Texas icon

Many people are aware of the plight of better-known exotic animals around the world, like tigers, chimps, and elephants. But what about the animals in our own back yard who are suffering from both population and habitat loss?

The real story about our elephant project

As you may know, we’re awaiting approval of a permit to relocate 18 elephants who face certain death in Swaziland. We’re joining two other accredited U.S. zoos to give them the newest, most innovative homes for elephants in human care.

10 Animals Who Wear Fall Well

Forget the flannel, cable-knit sweaters, and scarves – no one knows fall style better than the animal kingdom. We’re laying down some fall fashion with 10 animals who make this season look better than ever.

Meet the newest bouncy members of our Australian mob

For the first time in the Dallas Zoo’s long history (almost 130 years!), we have welcomed western grey kangaroos.