Monthly Archives: June 2015
10 reasons why you need to see Giants of the Jurassic

Dino fans UNITE! Giants of the Jurassic is here until Sept. 7 – if you haven’t been yet, we highly suggest you stop what you’re doing and get over here.

Attention Kids: How to reap rewards from nature

Make a point this summer to score BIG points with a nature journal! All you have to do is record your observations while spending time in nature.

An amazing spring for our Bird Team

While giraffe and ocelot babies have gotten a lot of attention at the Dallas Zoo this spring, our world-class bird department quietly has been notching success after success in breeding remarkable, threatened animals.

Celebrate World Oceans Day: WATER you waiting for?

Did you know that oceans make up 71 percent of the Earth’s surface? Or that they’re home to nearly 250,000 known species – with as many as three times that number yet to be discovered and named?

Dear Kipenzi: A big bro’s letter to his baby sister

I am so happy you are finally here! I am your big brother, Kopano. I have been waiting for you since my birthday in October!!

Zoo kids soar in Texas birding competition

Armed with binoculars and clipboards, eight youth volunteers from the Dallas Zoo set out on a 12-hour birding expedition May 2, and observed an impressive 72 bird species in Dallas County.

Top 10 reasons to go to Zoo camp

Our weeklong and single-day camps run from June 15 to Aug. 15, so check out 10 reasons why your kids (ages 3 through high school) need to be here.

Baby pony wins our hearts and mom’s too

The Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo just got a little bit busier – and a whole lot cuter – with the arrival of Epona, a foal born May 19 to Gracie, our mixed-breed pony mare.