Monthly Archives: March 2015
Dallas Zoo Irish reptile keeper turns feared snake legend into fascination

Legend has it that Ireland has no native snakes because St. Patrick banished them as symbols of evil in the fifth century. While science may say otherwise, the bottom line is, there are no wild snakes in Ireland…

Dallas Zoo opens FREE electric vehicle charging station

With the installation of the donated EV charging station by Schneider Electric, we are deepening our commitment to sustainability, which is a core part of our conservation and education mission.

Help us end cruel rattlesnake roundups

Rattlesnakes are worthy of our respect and protection, yet they’re being driven from their dens, transported to “rattlesnake roundup” festivals, then slaughtered in a misguided effort to clear areas of these declining predators. This spring, Dallas Zoo’s reptile experts are taking a stand against these inhumane events.

WRAP-UP: Our 2014 bundles of joy

With more than 2,000 animals, we often welcome little ones. From (really) long-legged babies to ones the size of your palm, here’s a roundup of some of our exciting and noteworthy births in 2014.