Monthly Archives: December 2014
Into Africa: An unforgettable experience with wildlife and Zoo friends

Dallas Zoo’s vice president of guest experiences, Sean Greene, blogs about his recent journey to Africa with friends and supporters of the Zoo.

Deforestation is so last season

Did you know that some of the most popular clothing brands we wear use fabrics made from tree pulp? It’s an incredibly toxic process that’s destroying forests across the world and leaving the endangered animals that live there homeless.

Adopting a lot of (furry, scaly, feathery) love

It was December 1985, and Oak Cliff resident David Luther was about to celebrate his daughter Amanda’s first Christmas. He wanted to give his little girl something special, something she’d have for years to come that would never be the same. David gave her the intangible gift of adopting a Dallas Zoo animal.

Elephant artwork to join iconic giraffe statue

It’s a symbol of a solid, loving bond between African elephants — intertwining their massive trunks in a gentle hug. This affectionate symbol will be the theme of a new art piece joining our iconic 67-foot-tall giraffe statue near the front entrance of the Zoo.

Sweating for the love of tigers

It’s not every day Malayan tiger Batu searches his one-acre habitat for dozens of hidden meatballs. But when 25 volunteers spend four hours cleaning it, they get the special task of hiding his food and watching from a behind-the-scenes location as he enters to find it.

Youth volunteers bring energy and zest – and a lot of hard work

Zoo guests often notice young workers out and about in the Zoo. They’re not baby-faced zookeepers – not yet, anyway! They’re our youth volunteers, and they know an incredible amount about the exhibits they help run.